Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs - Tomy Play to Learn

Teaching Cash Register - Learning Resources

Qwirkle Board Game - MindWare

Metro Mags Clear Colors Magnetic Tiles Set

Qwirkle Board Game - MindWare

The award winning Qwirkle will keep your children occupied for hours Qwirkle might seem as if it has a relatively…

Kids Educational Toys and Games


It’s every parent’s wish to give their child the best possible start in life and paramount in achieving this aim has to be education.

Fortunately though, these days, in order to be able to achieve this, it’s no longer necessary to try to “force” your child to learn.

Thanks to a raft of innovative new educational toys and games for kids, your child can now learn at their own pace in an environment that they’ll find fun and rewarding.

The more support and encouragement you can give your child even at a very young age, will lay a firm foundation to your child’s future success and well being in the future.

Kids educational toys teach children all the basic skills they will need, such as reasoning, problem solving, reading, writing and basic maths.

They excite and educate, broadening a child’s mind while enlightening their knowledge.

They will also stimulate your youngster’s mind, getting them to think in different ways whilst at the same time having fun.

Educational toys and games are widely available for babies and infants, toddlers to young children, all the way up to teenagers.

Metro Mags Clear Colors Magnetic Tiles Set


Aimed at children of three years plus, these unbreakable plastic building tiles come in assorted sizes and attractive shapes in exciting translucent colors. Metro Mags Clear Colors Magnetic Tiles Set are available in two sizes, a 60 piece set and a 100 piece set. Magnetic on all sides, they allow your young one to explore…

Qwirkle Board Game – MindWare


Qwirkle might seem as if it has a relatively simple premise in that your child only needs to match tiles in order to win points, but the real challenge lies in the complicated machinations he or she will need to devise in order to win. To play, first the tiles are placed on the table…

Smartville Alphabet Train Station – VTech


The Alphabet Train Station from V-tech is a clever animal play set which will allow your children to engage themselves in an incredible fun learning experience. Insert the animal and play pieces into the hot spots and introduce fun sounds, phrases etc. When the buttons are depressed the train recognises letter names, letter phonics and…

Teaching Cash Register – Learning Resources


The innovative Teaching Cash Register from Learning Resources will help your young ones evaluate money while at the same time through creative play teach them basic arithmetic and monetary skills. Filled with a number of absorbing activities including a coin reader that can identify both real and plastic coins this is a perfect addition to any…

Your Baby Can Read By Dr Robert Titzer

With the emphasis on helping your baby or toddler to read, Your Baby Can Read comes in a well presented five DVD set which exposes them to clearly written print displayed in large bold clear letters. With assistance from mum dad or someone who has reading ability such as an older brother or sister, every…

Hide ‘n’ Squeak Eggs – Tomy Play to Learn

Let your child enjoy hours of fun as they play with this fabulous learning toy from Tomy. Hide ‘n’ Squeak Eggs is a great toy which will not only encourage play but also development of your little one’s early learning abilities. Break the eggs open and reveal the brightly colored chicks. When the shells crack…

Perplexus Maze Game

Perplexing to say the least. Easy enough to play – kind of difficult to crack. This maze game involves manoeuvring a small marble past complex barriers inside a transparent sphere. By twisting, shaking or flipping Perplexus, you can steer the metal ball through the maze. With several different passages this game creates a full on…

Happy Feet Two Freezing Frenzy Game

This fun game includes the Happy Feet character Erik who is determined to kick out colored ice cubes. In this fast paced game it is your job to grab all of your own colored cubes while at the same time putting the other player’s cubes back in the base before they can grab them. Included…